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Electronic Roll Book using Electronic Bracelet.Child Safe-Guarding Device System
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Seung-Jin Moon (Dept. of Computer Science, The University of Suwon)
Tae-Nam Kim (Dept. of Computer Science, The University of Suwon)
Pan-Su Kim (Dept. of Computer Science, The University of Suwon)
Vol. 17, No. 4, Page: 143 ~ 155
RFID, Electronic Bracelet, Electronic Roll, GPS, GPS, Sensor Networks
Lately electronic tagging policy for the sexual offenders was introduced in order to reduce and prevent sexual offences. However, most sexual offences against children happening these days are committed by the tagged offenders whose identities have been released. So, for the crime prevention, we need measures with which we could minimize the suffers more promptly and actively. This paper suggests a new system to relieve the sexual abuse related anxiety of the children and solve the problems that electronic bracelet has. Existing bracelets are only worn by serious criminals, and it's only for risk management and positioning, there is no way to protect the children who are the potential victims of sexual abuse and there actually happened some cases. So we suggest also letting the students(children) wear the LBS(Location Based Service) and USN(Ubiquitous Sensor Network) technology based electronic bracelets to monitor and figure out dangerous situations intelligently, so that we could prevent sexual offences against children beforehand, and while a crime is happening, we could judge the situation of the crime intelligently and take swift action to minimize the suffer. And by checking students' attendance and position, guardians could know where their children are in real time and could protect the children from not only sexual offences but also violent crimes against children like kidnapping. The overall system is like follows : RFID Tag for children monitors the approach of offenders. While an offender's RFID tag is approaching, it will transmit the situation and position as the first warning message to the control center and the guardians. When the offender is going far away, it turns to monitoring mode, and if the tag of the child or the offender is taken off or the child and offender stay at one position for 3~5 minutes or longer, then it will consider this as a dangerous situation, then transmit the emergency situations and position as the second warning message to the control center and the guardians, and ask for the dispatch of police to prevent the crime at the initial stage. The RFID module of criminals' electronic bracelets is RFID TAG, and the RFID module for the children is RFID receiver(reader), so wherever the offenders are, if an offender is at a place within 20m from a child, RFID module for children will transmit the situation every certain periods to the control center by the automatic response of the receiver. As for the positioning module, outdoors GPS or mobile communications module(CELL module)is used and UWB, WI-FI based module is used indoors. The sensor is set under the purpose of making it possible to measure the position coordinates even indoors, so that one could send his real time situation and position to the server of central control center. By using the RFID electronic roll book system of educational institutions and safety system installed at home, children's position and situation can be checked. When the child leaves for school, attendance can be checked through the electronic roll book, and when school is over the information is sent to the guardians. And using RFID access control turnstiles installed at the apartment or entrance of the house, the arrival of the children could be checked and the information is transmitted to the guardians. If the student is absent or didn't arrive at home, the information of the child is sent to the central control center from the electronic roll book or access control turnstiles, and look for the position of the child's electronic bracelet using GPS or mobile communications module, then send the information to the guardians and teacher so that they could report to the police immediately if necessary. Central management and control system is built under the purpose of monitoring dangerous situations and guardians' checking. It saves the warning and pattern data to figure out the areas with dangerous situation, and could help introduce crime prevention systems like CCTV with the highest priority. And by DB establishment personal data could be saved, the frequency of first and second warnings made, the terminal ID of the specific child and offender, warning made position, situation (like approaching, taken off of the electronic bracelet, same position for a certain time) and so on could be recorded, and the data is going to be used for preventing crimes. Even though we've already introduced electronic tagging to prevent recurrence of child sexual offences, but the crimes continuously occur. So I suggest this system to prevent crimes beforehand concerning the children's safety. If we make electronic bracelets easy to use and carry, and set the price reasonably so that many children can use, then lots of criminals could be prevented and we can protect the children easily. By preventing criminals before happening, it is going to be a helpful system for our safe life.
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전자 팔찌를 이용한 전자 출석부.어린이 보호 장치 시스템
문승진 (수원대학교 IT대학 컴퓨터학과)
김태남 (수원대학교 IT대학 컴퓨터학과)
김판수 (수원대학교 IT대학 컴퓨터학과)
본 논문에서는 RFID 기반의 전자 팔찌를 이용한 전자 출석부 및 어린이 보호팔찌 시스템을 제안한다. 제안된 시스템에서는 임베디드시스템 기반의 RFID 기술을 응용한 전자 출석부가 필요하며, 위치 추적과 동시에 범인의 전자 팔찌와 반응할 수 있는 GPS 시스템이 있어야 한다. 또한 이동 통신 모듈을 이용한 RFID 전자 팔찌와 임베디드시스템 기반의 RFID 출입 통제 시스템이 필요하며 상황정보를 전송 받을 수 있는 스마트폰 등의 모바일 시스템이 있어야 한다. 이렇게 동시에 연동될 수 있는 장비와 시스템들을 융합하여 사용한다면 아이들이 안전하게 유치원이나 학교를 다닐 수 있을 것이다. 본 논문의 구성은 RFID 리더기와 임베디드시스템 기반의 전자 출석부(고정용 리더기) 및 출입 통제 시스템, RFID 태그와 리더기, GPS 및 이동 통신 모듈(CELL 방식)를 활용한 추적 시스템을 가진 전자 팔찌로 이루어져 있다.
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Moon, S.-J., T.-N. Kim, and P.-S. Kim, "Electronic Roll Book using Electronic Bracelet.Child Safe-Guarding Device System", Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems, Vol. 17, No. 4 (2011), 143~155.

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Seung-Jin Moon, Tae-Nam Kim, and Pan-Su Kim, "Electronic Roll Book using Electronic Bracelet.Child Safe-Guarding Device System", Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 143~155, 2011.

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Moon, S.-J., Kim, T.-N., and Kim, P.-S., 2011. Electronic Roll Book using Electronic Bracelet.Child Safe-Guarding Device System. Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems. 17, 4, 143--155.
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