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Social Tagging-based Recommendation Platform for Patented Technology Transfer
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Yoon-Joo Park ()
Vol. 21, No. 3, Page: 77 ~ 101
Patent, Recommender Systems, IPC, TF-IDF, Social Tagging
Korea has witnessed an increasing number of domestic patent applications, but a majority of them are not utilized to their maximum potential but end up becoming obsolete. According to the 2012 National Congress’ Inspection of Administration, about 73% of patents possessed by universities and public-funded research institutions failed to lead to creating social values, but remain latent. One of the main problem of this issue is that patent creators such as individual researcher, university, or research institution lack abilities to commercialize their patents into viable businesses with those enterprises that are in need of them. Also, for enterprises side, it is hard to find the appropriate patents by searching keywords on all such occasions.<br /> This system proposes a patent recommendation system that can identify and recommend intellectual rights appropriate to users' interested fields among a rapidly accumulating number of patent assets in a more easy and efficient manner. The proposed system extracts core contents and technology sectors from the existing pool of patents, and combines it with secondary social knowledge, which derives from tags information created by users, in order to find the best patents recommended for users. <br /> That is to say, in an early stage where there is no accumulated tag information, the recommendation is done by utilizing content characteristics, which are identified through an analysis of key words contained in such parameters as ‘Title of Invention’ and ‘Claim’ among the various patent attributes. In order to do this, the suggested system extracts only nouns from patents and assigns a weight to each noun according to the importance of it in all patents by performing TF-IDF analysis. After that, it finds patents which have similar weights with preferred patents by a user. In this paper, this similarity is called a “Domain Similarity”. <br /> Next, the suggested system extract technology sector's characteristics from patent document by analyzing the international technology classification code (International Patent Classification, IPC). Every patents have more than one IPC, and each user can attach more than one tag to the patents they like. Thus, each user has a set of IPC codes included in tagged patents. The suggested system manages this IPC set to analyze technology preference of each user and find the well-fitted patents for them. In order to do this, the suggeted system calcuates a ‘Technology_Similarity’ between a set of IPC codes and IPC codes contained in all other patents. <br /> After that, when the tag information of multiple users are accumulated, the system expands the recommendations in consideration of other users’ social tag information relating to the patent that is tagged by a concerned user. The similarity between tag information of perferred ‘patents by user and other patents are called a ‘Social Simialrity’ in this paper.<br /> Lastly, a ‘Total Similarity’ are calculated by adding these three differenent similarites and patents having the highest ‘Total Similarity’ are recommended to each user. <br /> The suggested system are applied to a total of 1,638 korean patents obtained from the Korea Industrial Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) run by the Korea Intellectual Property Office. However, since this original dataset does not include tag information, we create virtual tag information and utilized this to construct the semi-virtual dataset. The proposed recommendation algorithm was implemented with JAVA, a computer programming language, and a prototype graphic user interface was also designed for this study. As the proposed system did not have dependent variables and uses virtual data, it is impossible to verify the recommendation system with a statistical method. Therefore, the study uses a scenario test method to verify the operational feasibility and recommendation effectiveness of the system. <br /> The results of this study are expected to improve the possibility of matching promising patents with the best suitable businesses. It is assumed that users’ experiential knowledge can be accumulated, managed, and utilized in the As-Is patent system, which currently only manages standardized patent information.
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특허의 기술이전 활성화를 위한 소셜 태깅기반 지적재산권 추천플랫폼
박윤주 (서울과학기술대학교 글로벌경영학과)
특허, 추천 시스템, IPC, TF-IDF, 소셜태깅
국내에서 출원되는 특허건수는 매년 증가하고 있으나, 이러한 특허들 중 상당수는 활용되지 못하고 사장되고 있다. 2012년 국정감사 자료에 따르면, 우리나라 대학 및 공공연구기관이 보유한 특허의 약 73%가 사회적 가치창출로 연결되지 못하는 휴면특허라고 한다. 즉, 대학/연구소 또는 사업화가 어려운 개인이 소유하고 있는 특허가, 이를 필요로 하는 수요기업에 성공적으로 기술 이전되지 못하는 것을 휴면특허 증가의 주요 문제점으로 생각할 수 있다. 본 연구는 급격히 축적되는 방대한 특허 자원들 속에서, 기업의 관심분야에 적합한 지식재산을, 보다 쉽고, 효과적으로 선별할 수 있도록 하는 소셜태깅 기반의 특허 추천플랫폼을 제안한다. 제안된 시스템은 기존 특허들로부터 핵심적인 내용 및 기술 분야를 추출하여 초기 추천을 수행하고, 이후 사용자들의 태그정보가 축적되면, 사회적 지식 (social knowledge)을 추천에 함께 반영하게 된다. 이러한 연구에는 특허청에서 운영하고 있는 KIPRIS(Korea Industrial Property Rights Information Service) 시스템에서 실제 특허자료 총 1638건을 수집한 후, 현재 특허 데이터에는 존재하지 않는 가상의 태그 정보를 추가한 반가상(semi-virtual) 데이터를 구성하여 활용하였다. 제안된 시스템은 프로그래밍 언어 JAVA를 활용하여 핵심 알고리즘을 구현하였으며, 그래픽사용자 인터페이스(Graphic User Interface)에 대한 프로토타입의 설계를 수행하였다. 또한, 시나리오테스트 방식으로 시스템의 운영타당성 및 추천 효과성을 확인하였다.
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& Park, Y.-J. (2015). Social Tagging-based Recommendation Platform for Patented Technology Transfer. Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems, 21(3), 77-101.

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Yoon-Joo Park, "Social Tagging-based Recommendation Platform for Patented Technology Transfer", Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 77~101, 2015.

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& Park, Y.-J., 2015. Social Tagging-based Recommendation Platform for Patented Technology Transfer. Journal of Intelligence and Information Systems. 21, 3, 77--101.
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